Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall is in the air

The weather is getting more fall-like, warm this afternoon (70), but cool last night (40). As a matter of fact I had to pull an extra throw over me last night. And with the days getting shorter I can really tell the seasons are changing.

We went down to the beach again this morning. There were a number of little fishing boats out and a number of people out on the beach. We had a good walk, Cheye had a good run and ocean romp. It was such a beautiful day we took lots of pictures and walked a little further than usual.

After lunch we worked on giving Cheye a bit of a fur-cut again. We got a little off but will probably need to work on it further. Her fur is so curly and thick it is really difficult to get the clippers through it evenly. I don’t know how those groomers do it. We were talking to someone that met a dog groomer with plans of retiring from their shop and grooming from their RV at parks. I think that is a fabulous idea!

We cooked a roast on our little Weber bbq for dinner tonight. Turned out great! Threw a couple foil wrapped potatoes on the barby too and had a tasty dinner. I’m sure our evening will be fairly quiet, TV or computing with the gentle whir of our electric heater going. :o)

Top to bottom:
All of us on the beach
Lori filming with her Flip Video
Cheye & Lori
Cheye running
Cheye running again
The view
Video: Today at the beach by Lost Creek Park, South Beach, OR

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