Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick Trip to Newport

This morning we drove into Newport to get a few groceries, Dave a haircut and the oil changed in the pickup. Well, we got 2 out of 3 anyway. The line at the oil change place was about 5 cars deep so we decided to do that a different day. We also tried to get Cheye into a groomers again but they were booked up for 3 weeks. I guess we will have to try giving her another fur-cut. Maybe we will get better with practice.

Our walk this afternoon took us by Sue & Snickers house. We had a nice chat with Sue and we met her neighbors. Her neighbors have 2 cats. They let the cats out and they wander around the motorhome but they don’t run off. Kind of amazing. Again it was just another magnificent day at the beach! :o)

top: on a walk
bottom: the trail to the beach
video: from yesterday’s walk on the beach

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