Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hot Day

We went into town today, we wanted to pick up a few things at the grocery store and get a training collar for Cheye. They have a product called “Gentle Leader” that is supposed to help in gently controlling and training dogs that pull when on a leash. Cheye is so strong that if I have the leash and she wants to chase a squirrel, run up to a person or dog I can’t stop her, heck Dave has to really pull her! So we went to Pet Smart and got one. After our shopping we stopped at an In-n-Out Burger. We had never been to one before but had heard of them. Not bad, simple menu and good prices.

Once we got back we took Cheye for a very short walk (it was very hot) to try out the new lead; wow what a difference! Just the gentlest pull on the leash and she stops pulling. She is still getting used to it but she responds wonderfully! It even comes with a training DVD to teach the humans how to use it. Good product! The rest of the afternoon was spent inside avoiding the heat. Dave watched some of the NASCAR qualifying and I watched a Jane Austin movie.

It was over 100 degrees today. 80’s are fine but 100’s are just way too hot! We think perhaps we came to California a little early. Now we know! :o)

Top: A hawk flying
Middle: A Eucalyptus tree
Bottom: Cheye in her new Gentle Leader collar
Video: More from around Lake Minden

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