Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Warmed Up

We were on the road about 8:00 a.m. heading inland. There is a Best Buy in Springfield Oregon so we decided to stop there and shop around some. I got a new video and photo editing program and we got some DVD’s. There was a pizza place nearby and since it was conveniently noon we ate there and then it was back on the road.

Our trip took us down I-5 through farm land and rolling hills along with a few good climbs and steep down-hills. We noticed the trees are starting to change color a bit. It is definitely warmer, like in the low 90’s , a far cry from our high 60’s low 70’s at the coast! So we are now in shorts and running the air conditioner rather than jackets and the heater. It’s the change we wanted however. It feels good to be out in the sun in dryer weather even though it is hazy out due to a wildfire.

The RV park we are at is a Passport America camp called Meadow Wood RV Park. It’s okay, there is a pool, some trees and it is fairly close to the I-5 entrance. I think we will just stay here tonight and move on tomorrow.

photos: All taken on our trip today, farms, trees changing color and the three of us in the pickup!

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Carl and Jackie said...

Aloha! Loved the photo of the three of you in the truck. It looks like you are all heading out in search of a great adventure which we know you are! Keep up the good work and continue to have fun...you've earned it!