Monday, September 29, 2008

Lake of the Springs

I know, I say this about almost every place we stay at, but I really like this campground! It is really beautiful…pine forest, fabulous lake, deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, geese, nice sites, clean bathrooms, very nice. We got in a about noon and found a site we thought could get satellite reception and set up. We do have some satellite, just no HD channels which is no big deal. Our aircard gets internet coverage, our cellphone even has reception…so much for the electronics!

We took a short walk over to the swimming/boating area and walked a trail along the edge of the lake. After we got back Dave set up the lawn chairs and we sat outside and read/snoozed. It was a lovely afternoon, in the high 80’s. Before dinner it was time for another walk and we came across a number of deer and wild turkeys. There is also a Pet Beach here - an area fenced off where you can take off leashes and let your pet run and go out in the lake. Cheye loved it! She went for a few swims. I think we will really enjoy our stay here. I’m looking forward to a little more exploring tomorrow.

Top: our camp site
Middle: Lake by the Pet Beach
Bottom: Lake with geese

Video: A few views of the park

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