Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Nothin' Special Day

A very quiet day. It started with computing and finishing a movie I rented yesterday at the Clubhouse. They have a fair selection of videos and rent them for only $1.00 a night. After lunch we went down to the beach. It was a bit foggy, the surf was big and Cheye was ready for a good romp. There were a few more people out on the beach today, normally we may see one other couple but today there was a family and a few others out.

Later in the afternoon we did our usual walk around the park and saw Sue and Snickers. We had a nice chat and then it was back home to start dinner. Tonight it will be some TV. Like I said, a very quiet day!

top: Creek at Lost Creek Park, South Beach, OR
middle: Cheye on the beach,
South Beach, OR

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