Saturday, September 13, 2008

Farmers Market and Bay Front

We decided to go into Newport to the Bay Front area for lunch. As we were driving in Dave remembered that the Farmer’s Market was held today in Newport so we thought that might be fun. They have it right beside the City Hall on Hwy 101 so it’s hard to miss. There were a number of produce booths, some baked goods, hats, trinkets, jewelry, wind chimes, etc. and even a couple musicians playing. We bought some cucumbers, tomatoes and corn and wandered around a bit. Then it was off to Bay Front area. There we found the usual galleries, t-shirts,wind socks, souvenir and candy shops. My purse is falling apart so when we walked by a leather shop I went in and bought a new one. The only thing we didn’t find was any place we wanted to eat. Most places were pretty pricey or the menu’s just didn’t sound good. Of course there was Mo’s, a seafood restaurant that is quite famous around here, but Dave has had his fill of seafood so we decided to go back into town and just grab a sandwich.

Once we got back to the campground we took Cheye down to the beach. What fabulous weather at the beach today! Sunny and warm with just a little breeze. Cheye took full advantage and ran to her hearts content After dinner we all went for a walk around the park. A very pleasant day.

All three taken down at Bay Front in Newport, seals sunning by the docks
Video: Highlights from the Farmer’s Market and Bay Front

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