Monday, September 1, 2008

Heceta Beach in Florence, OR

I imagine by looking at the title and photos you can guess where we went today! We decided to go down to the beach this morning. The weather was fabulous so we wanted to take advantage. We went to Heceta Beach, yet another very nice Oregon beach. At first I was surprised by how many people were there but then I remembered it’s Labor Day. We walked and Cheye splashed down the beach for a bit and then decided it was time to head home for lunch and a quiet afternoon.

Tomorrow we move to Whaler’s Rest Park in South Beach, Oregon where we will stay for a couple weeks. After that we will begin heading a bit further South. Gotta stay ahead of the weather!

top: Heceta Beach
bottom: a happy wet running Cheyenne
video: Heceta Beach

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