Sunday, August 31, 2008

On and Off

Woke up to sun here in Florence Oregon, followed by rain, followed by sun, followed by rain, you get the idea. Consequently we stayed in most of the day. Of course Cheye makes us get out for walks a few times during the day, but that was about it.

We did a lot of travel discussion on where to go to in the November - December months. We are slowly coming up with a plan that includes both Thousand Trails campgrounds and others. The plan is to head to the Medina Lake Thousand Trails campground west of San Antonio, TX. I’ve never been to TX and Dave has only driven through part of it so it's all new territory.

People find such unique ways to decorate their campsites. The photos I have posted are of decorated satellite dishes. Bud & Pat (couple we met at Chehalis Thousand Trails) said they saw lots of people in Algodones Mexico painting the satellite dishes. Not sure if that is where these people had their dishes painted or not but they are fun!


Carl and Jackie said...

Aloha! The satellite paintings are really neat! Wonder how long you can go until you need to repaint them? Have you or Dave ever read any of Tony Hillerman's books? They are easy reads, about like Clive Cussler's and most take place in the southwest, mostly 4 corners area. Every time I read one it makes me want to see the places he describes in his books.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi! No idea on how long the paintings last, should be quite a while. Neither of us have read Hillerman but I may need to pick some up. Have you guys discovered Librivox? They are free audiobooks. Mostly the classics and read by amateurs but still done well. Here is the address: