Monday, August 18, 2008

Foggy and Soggy

Another rainy day here at Pacific City, OR. I now understand why people buy that stuff that is supposed to control moisture in your RV. With all this rain everything just feels damp inside the trailer. Windows fog up, towels never get dry, if you don’t seal the chips or crackers tightly they get soggy. When we were in Long Beach we were chatting with our neighbors Ted & Diane about the weather on the coast. I said I wondered why more people don’t spend the winter on the Oregon coast with it’s mild temperatures. Ted said they tried it once and had a real battle with moisture to the point that clothing they had in garment bags got mildew and had to be thrown away! Hopefully things will dry up in a few days.

This morning, and into the afternoon I have been working on a project I planned to do before we hit the road, scanning recipes on to my hard drive. My plan is to get rid of all of my cookbooks and slips of paper I have recipes written on. Not the most exciting project but it will feel good to get it done, and as a bonus I found a couple new recipes!

top: another pic from our beach walk last really shows the way the Flip Video turned the sun black!
bottom: a banner in front of a RV
video: a short clip of Chipmunks...Cheye was frozen staring out the window when we noticed these 2 on a stump beside the trailer

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