Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rainy in Chehalis

It rained on and off during the night. By the time I got up it was overcast but no rain falling. I spent the morning trying something new to me...coloring my hair. I’ve had it done for years in a salon but decided to try it on my own. Not bad! By the time I was done with my hair and some cleaning it was almost lunch time. After lunch the three of us went on a walk, wet about sums it up. We carried umbrellas and Cheye came back just as wet as if she had been running in the ocean.

I did laundry later and met some people that are going to become full-time RVers in January. They have been planning this a long time, already have their house sold and are living in an apartment, downsizing by giving stuff to their kids. Sounds like they are really organized. Much better than I was, throwing stuff in the trailer at the last moment! Oh well, live and learn. Anyway we started talking about Thousand Trails and some of the other membership campgrounds. Dave & I are looking into possibly adding RPI or one of the others, but need to get more info and do some reading.

Just got an email from Carl & Jackie, friends that retired to Hawaii. Sounds like Hawaii is agreeing with them! Shame we can’t drive the truck and trailer over there for a visit! :)

left: cute decoration by someone’s trailer
right: Cheye checking out someone’s whirly bird decoration
video: our walk - not sure you can see the rain but you can sure hear it!

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