Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Trip to Salem, Oregon

Well, I have my Sony Vaio back! Yeah! They had to replace the CPU so I still have all the stuff on my hard drive which is great. There was even a little letter from Sony apologizing that my Vaio had to go in to repair. I know, it was just a form letter, but still it was a nice touch. I’m also impressed that Best Buy not only sent my laptop to the Salem store for me but they actually called me when it got to Salem. If I had a nickel for every business that said they would call me and didn’t…. well… we’d be driving a big Class A :)

Salem is about an hour and a half from here, we got there about 11:30, picked up my Sony and wandered around the store. Saw the new Flip Video Mino and some lovely Macs, I think I may have drooled a bit. Dave bought a mapping program and I got a new little bag for my Flip Video (I lost the one it came with). After that we had lunch and drove back. It made the day go really fast. Once we got back I spent some time catching up Quicken stuff… a months worth. I also took Cheye out for a short walk. She came with us to Salem, she really is a great traveling dog.

It rained most of the day again today. It’s almost 8:00 p.m. and has finally quit raining for the day. Tomorrow I plan to clean and organize since we will be leaving Pacific City Friday morning. I’m hoping the rain doesn’t follow us!

Left: Best Buy in Salem
Right: A Christmas Tree Farm we passed on the way
Video: from a couple days ago, notice the sand blowing at the beginning

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