Friday, August 15, 2008

In a Fog

We were fogged in today. The picture to the left was taken at 10:30 this morning while we were out on a walk. It kind of cleared up about 2:30 only to roll in again about 4:00. We did go down to the beach during the least foggy time. Cheye had a great run and got dripping wet again. We did manage to keep her from rolling much in the sand which was nice.

Our RPI membership is all set up. When I called again today they started to tell me that I needed to go through Thousand Trails be we got that straightened out. Evidently the magic words are “we bought a transfer membership to 1000 Trails” that seems to make a difference.

Besides our couple of walks today we managed to fit in a nap, some computing and a little cleaning. Tomorrow I want to get up early and get down to the laundry room to do two loads of laundry. Not a lot of fun but I would really rather not run out of clean clothes!! :)

top left: fog at 10:30 this morning
middle: glowing clouds while we were at the beach
bottom left: foggy surf
video: Cheyenne and the bunnies. At the end I wish I could put a thought bubble over Cheye’s head saying “Please?”

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