Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cool Weather in Pacific City, OR

Today I talked to my sister-in-law (Zel) who lives in Yakima, WA and to my Mom (and nephew Michael) in Vancouver, WA, both places were up over 100 degrees today... not here, a very comfy high 60’s. Glad we are here, that over 100 temperatures is one of the reasons we wanted to get away from the Yakima Valley. The only down side is we still have fog here, but I’ll take the fog.

I started the day with laundry. I took my laptop with me to use the wireless connect in the Lodge. I forgot you can buy breakfast up at the Lodge on Saturday and Sunday,so I had a lot of company while I surfed. I had just gone back down to the laundry room when Dave &
Cheye came to visit. They headed back to the trailer, I followed once everything was dry.

We decided to go out to dinner in Lincoln City tonight. Lincoln City was really crowded, probably people trying to escape the heat inland over the weekend. We went to Captain Ron’s and had a yummy dinner, I had scallops and twice baked potato while Dave had halibut and chips. Now we are are back at the trailer watching the Olympics and with our tummies being extremely full I expect sleep will come soon!

left: foggy
right: Driving through Lincoln City, Oregon
video: I call this “It Came Out of the Ocean”

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