Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lots of Walks

We had a great day back at Pacific City. This morning Dave & Cheye went for a walk early, Cheye and I went for a walk a little later in the morning. After lunch the three of us walked down to the beach and Cheye went straight for the water. Back to her usual chasing after birds in flight out into the ocean and she got soaked! It was kind of weird weather, warm but mist blowing by. We had a good walk and then headed back to the trailer for lunch.

This afternoon we got caught up on the Olympics and then headed over to the little store and got ice cream cones. We left Cheye back at the trailer so Dave felt she needed a little treat when we got back... see the video below.

I made corn chowder for dinner and after yet another walk we are all in for the evening. I think watching all those kids in the Olympics has subconsciously spurred us to walk more. After watching soccer, water polo, beach volleyball, swimming and gymnastics I can only wonder...where do they get all that energy?? I don’t recall ever having that much!

top left: trail to the beach
middle: Cheye at the beach
bottom left: foggy beach
video: extremely spoiled dog

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