Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Capital Day

This should have been my August 5, 2008 post but I couldn't get our Verizon aircard to work!

This morning (8/5/08) it looked like another lazy day, but once we got some information we needed to get our vehicles registered in South Dakota we were off to Olympia. If you weren’t aware Olympia Washington is the State Capital and it happens to be the town closest to Chehalis that has a branch of our bank! We needed to get a form notarized so off we went. Once in Olympia we decided since we were so close to Tacoma we would just zip on up to Camping World. We spent about 45 minutes wandering the store, purchased a few things, and headed back south. After a stop at Costco (got some yummie pastries and peaches) we went back to the trailer. We only got stuck in slow traffic once on the way up and once on the way back. That always reminds me why I don’t like living in big cities.

After we got back we had dinner and then took Cheye for a walk. There is an area here at the park that is wide open but away from the trailers and a lot of us with dogs let them run in that area. We met T-bear there, a little white fuzzy dog and his owner Sheri (hope I spelled that right!) Cheye had been in the pickup most of the day and needed to burn up some energy and T-bear helped her out. Cheye crashed after we got home... thanks T-bear!
top left: the Capitol building in Olympia,WA
bottom right: the traffic in Tacoma, WA

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