Friday, August 8, 2008

Deer in Chehalis

Last night after I finished posting the blog a doe and two fawns appeared in the site to the north of us. So pretty! Then this morning Cheye started growling so we looked out and there was the deer family again. This time they did a lot of grazing around our trailer. Later, after lunch, a doe was in the site just south of us. A lady was out walking her dogs, the doe froze none and of them saw her until she bolted! Then everyone was jumping, dogs trying to chase, Cheye got all excited and barked. We managed to get video each time they visited so, of course, I posted it for your enjoyment! :)

On our walk this morning we went over to a clearing so Cheye could run a bit. We then decided to follow a dirt road that went down through the woods. We wandered this road quite a while taking different forks and winding around in the woods. It was a very pretty walk through the trees, blackberry bushes and ferns.

This afternoon we went over to Jim & Kathy’s for dinner. Jim’s fired up the barbecue and grilled some yummy ribeye steak and cob corn. The steak and corn was accompanied by macaroni salad, coleslaw, watermelon and home made ice cream! Yum!!! We had a fun visit.
left: deer by our site
right: the dirt road we took on our walk
video: deer in the Chehalis Thousand Trails Park

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