Monday, August 25, 2008

Ahhhh.. back in the Sunshine

We made the big move today. We probably moved about a block but we are now in a more open area that gets sunshine. No more having to turn on lights all day long. It feels good. There are still trees around, just not as many. We also get satellite here, we seem to be somewhat on the edge of the signal but for as much TV as we watch it is fine.

Our move took up most of the morning. First we had to wait for the people that were in the site to leave. By the time they left we had most everything packed up we just had to pull in the slide, unhook electric & water, hook up to the pickup and move. Once we settled in it was noon. After lunch we took a walk over to the dog run area. When we got back I did a little pruning…some old dead blackberry vines with nasty thorns. They were right by our door and attacking as we would walk by. Then it was just relax and enjoy the sun. Another walk before dinner, another after dinner. And that about sums up the day!

top - Cheye in the dog run area
bottom - blackberries
video - our new spot at South Jetty


Tom Warfield said...

If you haven't been to Old Town yet just head back into Florence and once you have crossed the bridge it is basically on the left. IIRC, there are plenty of signs to get you there.

If it is still there (we were last there several years ago) there is a neat little kite shop on the waterfront. I understand there is a great restaurant in the area.

Dave and Lori said...

We haven't been to Old Town but sounds like a place I would enjoy. I think I saw a sign last time we were in town. Thanks for the tip!