Monday, August 11, 2008

Leaving Chehalis Tomorrow

This is our last full day at Chehalis. It is a very pretty park and is fairly close to shopping and things to do. I’m sure we will be back sometime. This morning we went into Chehalis to stock up on groceries and stuff at Walmart. After shopping we dropped in at Wendy’s for a burger and fries, then to the gas station to fuel up so we will be ready to pull out in the morning.

Once we were back we went on a walk and found a trail we hadn’t taken before. We kept going downhill, which of course means you’re going to eventually have to go back uphill. Well the trail came out at the Ranger Station (the gatehouse where you check in on arrival) and yes, it was a long climb up to our trailer. Whew!

After dinner Dave saw Mama deer and her babies were out. There is a tree close by that has what looks like cherries on it and they seem to like to eat the fruit. I’ll miss seeing them they are so cute. Later Peter and Nancy stopped by just to tell us good bye (they knew we were leaving tomorrow) and wish us safe travels. I imagine we will cross paths again.

left top: Cheye
middle: On our walk
bottom: moose decoration hanging on a trailer
video: The deer

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