Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sea Lion Caves, Heceta Head Lighthouse and Old Town

We decided to go see a few of the local attractions and our first stop was Sea Lion Caves. We have been there before but being good tourists we stopped. Admission to the cave is $10.00 for adults. There were a number of noisy Sea Lions on the rocks outside the cave and a group inside. Last time we were there it was packed with Sea Lions but not as many this time. Still they were interesting and the views are amazing.

From there we went to Heceta Head Lighthouse. There is also the keeper’s house there which is supposedly haunted, I didn’t see it but Dave claims to have seen something inside go by one of the windows, the fact that is it now a bed and breakfast I didn’t doubt him. ;o) It costs $3.00 for parking (no fee to go up to the lighthouse) and is a ½ mile walk from the parking lot but it is beautiful. The lighthouse was built in 1894. Again, the views were fabulous.

Finally we went to Old Town Florence and had lunch. We looked around in a few of the shops and walked a bit on the pier by the river. They have done a great job restoring the area, it is really cute.

I took a lot of video and photos, I haven’t even looked at most of them. I will post some tonight and more tomorrow, maybe even the next day too!!

top: Gift shop and entrance to Sea Lion Caves
middle: statue at Sea Lion Caves
bottom: View from Heceta Head Lighthouse


Suzette said...

Very nice blog! I just ran across you tonight and have read all your posts back to the beginning. You look like you're having the time of your life. I'm totally jealous! I'm a sometimes tent camper, with dreams of RV-ing some day. If only... Love any video with Cheyenne in it!

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks Suzette! Glad you enjoyed the blog. Cheye is a sweetie. Hope you get to fulfill your RVing dream, it's a great lifestyle!