Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today’s activities ended up revolving around laundry. It started off simply enough, I decided to go do a couple loads of laundry. The washing part was fine. While the clothes were in the machine I found a puzzle someone had started so I was working on that when I met a woman from Yuma, AZ. We had a nice chat. I have heard good things about Yuma and would like to visit it sometime. Once the clothes were done I put them in the dryer and fed it enough quarters for about 40 minutes. I went back to the puzzle and conversation. After 40 minutes some of my clothes were partially dry, others were not. To make a long story short we discovered that the dryers were not working. These are propane dryers and the propane had some how run out so they were not getting any heat. :o( So I loaded up our soggy clothes and went back to the trailer. We went ahead and ate lunch and then drove into town to use the laundromat. After the clothes were dry (btw - I met someone else from the campground drying their clothes too!) we stopped at the market and bought groceries since we were in town. By the time we got home it was about 3:00. Just think, if the dryers had worked I could have come back to the trailer and done something worth while, like take a nap. :o) Just kidding, this way I got a couple chores taken care of.

Tomorrow we are going to see about moving sites. It means packing up stuff and then setting back up but I think it will be worth it. It clouded up and is raining so it’s really dark in our trailer today. It’s kind of like being in a cave and I really don’t care for caves! ;o)

Both were taken when going over the Siuslaw Bridge in Florence. The bridge opened in 1936 and is really beautiful. Hopefully while we are here I can find a place to get a better shot of the bridge itself.
video: Shots from around the South Jetty Campground here in Florence Oregon

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