Monday, August 4, 2008

Lazy Day

As we did almost nothing today I don’t have much to post. We did get some fun news, our friends Chad & Robin will be meeting up with us in Las Vegas in October. We were married in Vegas on Halloween so they will be there with us to help celebrate our anniversary! Fun!

It was a totally lazy day here at Chehalis Thousand Trails. I got up and ate breakfast while Dave took Cheye for a walk. We then sat outside in the shade with a light breeze blowing, surfing the net and reading, (sometimes with eyes shut) until noonish. Ate lunch. Then, for a change, we sat outside in the shade with a light breeze blowing and worked on entering the locations of Thousand Trails parks on a mapping program. Ate dinner. Tough life huh?

P.S. Well, we ended up taking a long walk, all the way down to the Adult Lodge & Pool. There was a doe and fawn grazing down by the tennis court, unfortunately they were too far to get a photo so I took a pic of the pool instead. :)

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