Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Cheye Video

I bought a little cart the other day to roll the laundry to the laundry room rather than having Dave carry it or driving the pickup down. This morning I loaded up the soap, laundry, a book and deck of cards and headed out rolling my little cart. Worked great! Dave & Cheye walked down and visited for a bit while I was waiting on the laundry. Once I got back we both did a little computing and had lunch. Then the three of us walked down to the dog run area and were joined by 3 others with their dogs and even though the dogs varied from 4 pounds to 104 pounds they all seemed to have some fun. Later it was dinner and some TV.

We have been discussing where we want to go this winter again. I think we are leaning toward Texas but we haven’t put together a game plan yet. I’d like to fit some Arizona in there too. There is just so many places we’d like to see….I guess we are just going to have to full-time for a long time to fit it all in!

The video today was taken yesterday at South Jetty in Florence Oregon. Cheye just loved being in the ocean again. In the middle of the video Cheye kind of jumps up on her back legs…there was a Seagull overhead so she tried to jump up to get it! I think what amuses me most is remembering her just about 3 months ago…afraid of the ocean. My how she has changed. I still get a laugh at the video I took when she was trying to figure out what the sea foam was… I may have to post that one again, it is worth a second view. :o)

Top: a happy wet dog
Middle: Dave & Cheye
Bottom: a Coast Guard cutter going down the river


Suzette said...

I love the doggie videos. I you have to bathe her every time she gets into the seawater?

Dave and Lori said...

We usually rinse her with fresh water , however we don't do it every time. It doesn't seem to bother her, I think because she has that downy under-fur since she is a water dog. She sure loves the ocean!