Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ever Changing Weather

This morning we went down to the Lodge and had breakfast. I had french toast and scrambled eggs, Dave had biscuits and gravy with bacon. Not bad, and it was fun to do something different. Cheye and I went for a walk a little later and shortly after we returned the changing weather started. It started with fog which turned to rain, thunder and lightening and finally broken clouds with a little blue sky and sunshine! And that was all by 1:30. It continued in cycles all afternoon. Cheye and I did get out for another walk in the afternoon between rain showers. Besides that it was an inside day of internet, solitaire and the Olympics.

After dinner the three of us took a walk and seeing the sun peeking through the clouds we decided to go to the beach. Good decision! Amazingly dramatic clouds and beautiful surf. The wind was severe so we didn’t stay long, but Cheye got in a good run and we soaked in the beautiful scene.

I finally figured out how to add a google map of our travels thus far. I may try to add a picture to each “pin” . I’m not sure if I’ll try to add lines showing the route we drove. Since we have gone over the same roads a few times I’m not sure how that would look, or even how I’d differentiate them. We’ll see.

top left: the lodge at breakfast
middle: dramatic clouds at the beach
bottom: foggy morning
video:the beach this evening...when the sun hits the lens the little Flip Video couldn't quite handle it and turned the sun black, almost looks like there was an eclipse! :)

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