Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chatting with the Neighbors

Today after breakfast, naps, lunch and a walk, we ended up talking with our neighbors Bud & Pat. They are the ones with the big rig and little Smart car I mentioned a couple days ago. They are heading out tomorrow so they had put the car up on the truck, something I had hoped to see but missed. I did take a pic so you could see how they travel with the car... pretty cool huh?

We had a great chat with them about places to go, where to stay and yummy places to eat. We were interested in Arizona and they stay in Arizona for a few months each winter so they had lots of information for us. As a matter of fact, they had so much information after dinner we went back over with paper and pencil to take notes! After talking with them we now know of a few good places to go. Really fun people, we hope to run into them again.

left:Bud & Pat's car & truck
right:pretty area in the park
video: scenes from around the Chehalis Thousand Trails park


Anonymous said...

wonderful blog. I just found your blog yesterday and have finished reading from beginning. I really like all the videos of the dog. You will find 1000 trails is a great system to belong to. But you are right all memberships are different. I would like to chat with you more about your travels. I have a question about the continnal divide?

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks tedi54bear! I really am glad you enjoy the blog. You are welcome to email me at Not sure I have a lot of info on the continental divide but would be happy to try to answer your question.