Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Phone Call Day

We went into Pacific City this morning to get our mail. On our way back we decided to stop for breakfast at a little restaurant. It was a good breakfast, crispy hash browns, eggs done as ordered, sour dough toast and crunchy bacon. We then went to Cloverdale, about 2 miles north on 101, to stop at the bank. After that it was back to the trailer.

We are trying to get signed up for 2 other campground memberships; RPI (Resort Parks International) and ROD (Resorts of Distinction). It got a bit crazy but after making phone calls and then waiting for call backs then making more calls I think we finally have everything figured out. Thousand Trails is sending us an application for ROD and we will call RPI back tomorrow (they closed before we could call them back today) and we’ll get signed up with them.

I also called Best Buy about my PC... it is supposedly repaired and on it’s way. :) We got our South Dakota license plates and vehicle registration in the mail so I called the insurance broker to get our policies changed over to a South Dakota broker. I’m so glad I kept our regular cell phone plan, I had thought of going to a per minute plan because I figured we wouldn’t be using the phone much... wrong!!!

Needless to say we didn’t get out much during the afternoon. I took Cheye for a walk and then Dave went for a walk a little later. He caught a few of the many bunnies here in the park on video. Hopefully tomorrow we will make it down to the beach although I have to say it’s been nice to have a dry dog for a day! :)

top and bottom left: the beach at Pacific City, OR
middle right: the view from my lawn chair
video: a few of the bunnies in the park

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