Thursday, August 7, 2008

All the Neighbors Left

It was a typical start of the day; Dave up early while I slept until 7:00. We did pop out to say good bye to neighbors Bud & Pat, they were heading down to Oregon today. Our other neighbor Judy pulled out this morning too, she was going to a bluegrass festival in Toledo,WA. After lunch we walked down to the main lodge to send some letters (okay is in the mail today!) On our walk we were talking about some of the places Bud & Pat had recommended to stay. We were trying to decide if we wanted veer away from our already-paid-for Thousand Trails parks or not. Probably not, but we have been known to change our minds.

After our walk we sat outside and just enjoyed the afternoon. We had dinner and are now watching some pre-season football, looking forward to the Olympics starting tomorrow.
It’s been a very relaxing day.
photo taken in Chehalis Thousand Trails
video: Cheyenne proudly showing us a big stick

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