Sunday, August 10, 2008

Critters and Chores

Our weather was cloudy again today in Chehalis but no rain. It was fairly warm, high 60’s so nothing to complain about. The deer appeared for just a few minutes this morning, later Cheye & I went for a walk and after lunch the 3 of us went for another walk. As we tell people, if it wasn’t for Cheye we probably wouldn’t get half the exercise we do! A lot of dogs at this park, every time we are out there is someone out walking a dog.

We spent most of the afternoon watching the Olympics. We did stop and talk to our “across the street” neighbors, Earl & Sheila, for a bit and did a little straightening up in the trailer. I knew going in that it was going to be a battle keeping everything in it’s place. When you live in a house there is always at least one place junk gets piled, a counter, desk or table. Well in a little trailer you need every free inch of space for a work surface. Also when you are traveling, piles of junk can’t be sitting out or it will be all over the floor when you arrive. Easiest to just keep stuff picked up as you go. Not like I have a hectic schedule that would keep me from it!

After dinner Dave lit a fire and as we were sitting outside a couple we have said “hi” to a few times stopped by. So we met Peter and Nancy. They are originally from California and have been fulltiming now for 6 years. It was interesting to talk to them about fulltiming, places to stay and a few pitfalls they have encountered. Always happy to get advice!

top left: the deer this morning
right & bottom left: scenes from our walk today

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