Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here Comes the Sun...

Finally about 1:00 pm we got blue skies and sunshine which is great! Yeah! It makes everything feel better, even if is it still kinda damp.

We were expecting mail today so we went into town about 10:00 this morning. We picked up our mail and when we got to the main intersection in town we decided to explore a bit…glad we did! We found an entirely different part of Pacific City. A new and very populated part of Pacific City. There is a public beach access at an area called Cape Kiwanda and it is a beautiful beach. Haystack Rock is directly in front of you, out in the ocean of course. There is a huge and very steep sand dune to the north that people were hiking up and sliding down. The three of us took a short walk but it started to rain so we took Cheye back to the pickup and we went to breakfast at the Pelican Pub and Brewery. The servings were huge so we got take out boxes and Cheye got to have some pancakes. Next time we come to Pacific City we will definitely go down to that beach access again.

After that it was a major cleaning day. Vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing the inside of the trailer from one end to the other. I even dusted off the vacuum cleaner. Dave did some packing up of the outside stuff, lawn chairs, little tables and one of the ground mats we bought. We had dinner - steak, onions and tomatoes fried and served in flour tortillas - and then Dave took Cheye for a walk. I stayed at the trailer, I’m still working on getting my pc all tweaked. When they replaced the CPU and updated the bios it seems to have affected a couple things so I am trying to straighten it all out. Tomorrow it’s off to Florence Oregon.


Top: Cheye and Haystack Rock (not to be confused with Haystack Rock at Canon Beach!)
Middle: Pelican Pub and Brewery
Bottom: Sand dune
Video: beach at Cape Kiwanda


Tom Warfield said...

The video won't load for me. After several seconds it just indicates "error".

Dave and Lori said...

Hmmmmm... it is working for me. Is it all video or just the one on this post?