Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still Raining

We went in to Pacific City this morning to get our mail and decided to have breakfast at the same restaurant we stopped at the other day. Shortly after we got back the phone rang and it was Best Buy telling me my computer has made it to the Salem store so we will go pick it up tomorrow. Yeah! I still don’t know what they fixed, if they replaced the hard drive I may have to pick up a program or two. (Note to self: computer programs should be stored in the trailer not storage unit)

We took a walk on the beach this morning and got caught in a rain squall. We got a little wet, Cheye got soaked. Dave was throwing a stick for her out into the surf and she loved it. After we got back I went over to do some laundry. I took my laptop along to pass the time and ran into Earl and Sheila up at the Lodge wifi area. We were parked across the street from them in Chehalis. We’ve seen them a few times since we got to Pacific City, but today we had some time to chat. It’s kind of fun, I’ve seen a few people and a few RV’s I recognized from the other Thousand Trails parks we have stayed at. I knew we would, I just didn’t expect to be so soon!

top: Dave & Cheye while we were on a walk in the park
middle: Haystack rock
bottom: Dave throwing the stick for Cheye


Carl and Jackie said...

Aloha Dave and Lori! It sure looks strange seeing some one in a coat at the beach! If you wear a coat to our beaches people would think you should be the one chasing the stick!!

Dave and Lori said...

LOL! I suppose so...on the other hand, it's great napping and watching the Olympics weather! :)