Friday, August 22, 2008

South Jetty

The park here in Florence is called South Jetty. From what I have seen of it the park seems very pretty. Lots of trees and greenery, a beautiful Activity Center, pool, basketball, etc. They even have a diner with fairly inexpensive breakfast and dinners Thursday through Sunday.

The city of Florence looked very nice. A Safeway and Fred Meyer for general shopping and I read somewhere there is an “old town” area that is nice to explore. The big tourist thing here is the sand dunes. People bring, or rent, dune buggies and zoom up and down the dunes.

Our trip down was beautiful. Blue sky, sunshine along with the great vistas on Hwy. 101 was a great combination. As usual we got in about noon, set up and ate lunch. We took a short stroll through part of the park and then relaxed for the afternoon and evening. Tomorrow we will do a little more exploring. It’s fun to be somewhere new!

Top: the Activity Center
Middle: the pool area
Bottom: sun rays through the trees as we left Pacific City
Video: clips from our trip down to Florence

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