Friday, August 29, 2008

To the Foggy Beach

We went into town this morning to get mail, run some errands and run a dog. Since we don’t have beach access at the park Cheye hasn’t been able to run in the ocean for at least a week. Poor doggy! We drove down to a State park, I’m afraid I didn’t catch the name but it was by the south Jetty. It was so foggy/misty that we couldn’t see the ocean from the parking lot but we could hear it!. Once we got to the beach Cheye was a crazy dog running and jumping in the ocean. We let her run until she was pooped. (video tomorrow)

From there we went back down to Old Town and had lunch. Again a yummy meal, I had a shrimp sandwich and Dave had a coney dog. After lunch we headed home and relaxed for a while. I took Cheye out for a walk later, then it was dinner time.

Tonight is my final installment of our sightseeing on Tuesday. It is the Old Town area of Florence. Cute shops, beautiful views and some great restaurants, what more could you want? :o)

photos and video:
All taken in the Old Town area of Florence Oregon

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