Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last night we decided we would go to the breakfast they serve at the Lakeside Café here in the Lake Minden campground. So we walked down to the café this morning, Dave had biscuits and gravy, I had pancakes. Quite good and big portions for only $4.75 a piece. From there we went back to the trailer. Typical morning, really typical day. Reading, walks, computing and relaxing, emphasis on relaxing.

Of course with Sunday there is Nascar and Sunday night football. We have Dish network on satellite but since our service address was Pasco, WA we lost the local networks just after we left Newport, OR. Actually I was surprised they lasted that distance! So today we called Dish and all we had to do was change our service address (not our billing address) to this campground and ta-da, we had ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX out of Sacramento, CA. I believe we get charged $5.00 each time we do that but no matter. It will be interesting to see how far away we can get from Sacramento before we have to change them again.

On our walk before dinner we let Cheye go swimming in the lake. She heads out just until she starts floating and then turns around and comes right back. Dave threw a stick for her, not very far out, and she wasn’t quite sure how to get to it without swimming. She would paddle a bit and then it was right back to shore to stand and look at the stick. Poor baby, she’ll figure out this swimming stuff sooner or later!

Top: Sunrise this morning
Middle: View from the Lakeside Café
Bottom: A view of the lake

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