Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pleasant Day

It was a pleasant, though hot, Sunday. It was up over 100 again today but the morning was pleasant so we took Cheye out for a walk. Once back to the trailer we sat outside and enjoyed the morning. Our plan today was to fix a nice Sunday meal, barbecue a roast and have potato salad, fruit salad and rolls followed by a Boston cream cake with vanilla Gelato we bought yesterday. We ate about 1:00 and it all turned out wonderfully! Not enough room for dessert right away so we took Cheye for another walk and stopped at the area where she can get into the water, and she was anxious to get in. She swam a little and seemed to really enjoy herself.

Once back we cooled down a bit and then had dessert…yum! The rest of the day was watching NASCAR (what a finish!) and reading. Tonight we’re watching some football and getting ready for our move tomorrow. The move isn’t far, about 50 miles northeast of here. Still, have to get everything put away and secure for the trip.

Top: Cheye looking for squirrels
The lake
Video: More video from around the park here at Lake Minden, Nicolaus, CA

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