Friday, September 5, 2008

Video Day

We went down to the beach earlier than usual today. The wind was blowing and there was a bank of clouds on the horizon but there was sunshine overhead. Even with the wind we had a nice walk and Cheye loved her run. Every time we start out on a walk she tries to go directly to the trail that leads to the beach. If we don’t stop there then she walks to the trail that goes to the dog run area. It amazes me she has learned where those trails are so quickly.

I took both the Flip Video and the regular video camera to the beach today so this afternoon I hooked the regular vid-cam up to my computer, copied the video from this morning and started looking at what else was on the tape. It went back to early June and had video of Yaquina Lighthouse, Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood South Dakota, eastern Washington, and back to the Oregon coast. I decided to copy it all on my computer and make a DVD of it, so now I have another project. They are starting to stack up!

The rest of our day was quiet, our usual afternoon walk, spaghetti for dinner and a little TV. Yep, I really love this lifestyle!

Top: Cheye in a tide pool at the beach
Bottom: Cheye and Lori
video: taken today at the beach...Cheye (of course) running, some sort of boat, and my own miscalculation... :o)

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