Monday, September 22, 2008

Shopping Day

We were getting really low on groceries so we needed to go in to town, we were also expecting mail today so off we went. The Post Office is just a few blocks away in Nicolaus but the closest Walmart was in Linda California about 8-10 miles away. It was good to be in a store where I could find things and brands I am familiar with. Also Dave has one prescription and since it is in the Walmart system he can pick up a refill at any of their stores…very handy. Anyway, we got all we went for and more. I’m afraid I lost track of how much I bought that needed to go in the refrigerator…oops. I managed to squeeze it all in but it’s kind of difficult to find anything in there!

The afternoon was quiet, computers and reading. We took our usual walk around the lake before dinner and Cheye waded out into the water a little. She was too concerned with squirrels to be bothered with swimming today. This evening it’s football and barbequed salmon. Yum

Top: A local Walnut grove
Bottom: The lake
Video: More views around Lake Minden Campground

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