Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lake Minden

Our trip wasn’t too long today, about 135 miles. I-5 from Redding to Nicolaus is flat and pretty straight so the drive was pleasant but uneventful. We arrived around noon and found the park very different from the other Thousand Trails we have stayed at. It is a very open park, not so many trees which is a nice change for us. Coming from the east side of Washington we lived in rolling hills, sagebrush and bunch grass and you could see forever. Since we have been with Thousand Trails we have been on the coast, so lots of beautiful trees, green, hills and views as far as the next tree. We enjoy both, it was just time for this kind of change.

After we set up camp we had lunch and then went for a walk around the lake. Lots of squirrels so Cheyenne is happy. The lake is much bigger than I expected, very pretty. No place for dogs to get into the lake, just beaches and swimming areas for people. Once we got back to the trailer it was time for some computing and later Dave barbecued steaks for dinner.

We did meet one neighbor out walking his pet…you’ll have to watch the video. :o)

Top: Taken along I-5
Bottom: Lake Minden

Video: from today's drive and at Lake Minden

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