Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Lovely Day at the Lake

Today started with laundry but it was a dual duty trip to the laundry room. I waited for the laundry to dry at the Adult Lodge and used the wireless internet to watch a tutorial on my new video program. I learned how to add audio and how to edit the audio…I hadn’t been able to figure that one out on my own. I also chatted with one person that has been full-timing for 2 years and a couple that has full-timed 10 years! We talked about some of the different 1000 Trails parks, good information. Dave & Cheye walked over and met me and after the laundry was dry we all drove back to the trailer.

After some reading, lunch and a short nap we went on a walk around the lake. We aren’t sure exactly how far it is around the lake but we suspect it is a little over a mile. Anyway, about ¾ of the way around there was a dock and Dave wanted to see how cold the water was so he and Cheye went out on the dock. Cheye immediately started trying to paw the water but couldn’t figure out how to get in. We looked around and quickly found a spot we could get to the lake so Cheye went in for a swim or two. She does love the water.

Once we got back we sat outside and just enjoyed the afternoon. The weather has been wonderful, cool mornings and evenings with mid 80’s in the afternoon. We are enjoying Lake Minden a lot.

Top: The lake
Middle: Our campsite
Bottom: Cheye in for a swim
Video: View of the lake and Cheye swimming

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