Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh my achin’ legs!

We rented a paddle boat for an hour today. Only $3.00! We paddled all around Lake Minden, every so often I’d beg a break in the shade of the trees growing by the shore (it was in the mid 90’s today) but we made it to the opposite end and back in about 50 minutes. I was wobbly-legged when I got out of the boat so I’m sure I will be good and sore tomorrow. I know….it‘s good for me! We really did have fun. After our outing, which took place after lunch, we sat and had a Coke at the Lakeside Café and then back to the trailer.

Our morning was pretty routine except we got to talking about this winter. We were planning on going to Texas but are now thinking of going only as far as Arizona. There really wasn’t any draw for Texas other than I would like to see San Antonio, but that’s a long way to drive for just one town. There is a number of places we would like to see in Arizona so we are looking into puttering around that State. It’s so fun being able to change your plans at any time just because you want to.

Top: Out on the lake
Bottom: A little frog sitting in the middle of the road
Video: Taken while out on the paddle boat

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