Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun Ahead

Another quiet typical day today. Dug out some of our dressier clothes and did some laundry. Since our friends are coming to town we decided it would be best to board Cheye. I’m not sure who this is harder on, Cheye or us. The place we took her too was clean and looked nice, we set up “play time” for her, took her bed, food she is used to and a few treats. I felt like I was packing for my child to go to camp! She won’t like it but it’s the best idea since we have lots of plans for the weekend.

The kennel was over on the other side of town. (Didn’t look that far on the map when I picked it!) One thing about this trip is we are seeing a lot of Vegas we haven’t seen before. For the most part it is just a typical city, but then again the billboards and casinos located all over town are constant reminders you’re in Vegas.

Our friends fly in tonight. They are going to call us when they get in and we'll go over to see them. This should be a really fun weekend!!

Top: another view of the pool here at Thousand Trails Las Vegas
Right: some of the cactus here in the park
Below, in order: MGM Grand,
New York New York, Luxor, Mandalay Bay

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