Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tonopah, NV

We made it to Tonopah today…barely. Well, it wasn’t that bad but Dave & I were on pins and needles for a while. Remember when I mentioned we were going to take the truck in for a check-up last week…well we decided not to after all. Oops. The truck had been running kind of rough, especially when idling but only when we were hauling the trailer. Well on the way here the pickup did a lot of shaking and started loosing power…fuel filter came to mind. Amazingly we found a shop open today just a few blocks from where we are parked and the guy was nice enough to fit us in and install the new filter. Hopefully that will take care of it. Dave drove it after the fix and says it feels much stronger.

We are staying at the Tonopah Station RV Park. Basically it is about a dozen hookups in the back parking lot of the Ramada Inn here in Tonopah. Not a place I’d want to winter but fine for a overnight stop. We have full hook-up and are right next to the casino, restaurant and have wi-fi (sometimes). When we got here there was only 2 other RV’s but it has filled up some.

Since wi-fi isn’t the best here I’ll just share a few pics with you. The mountain pictures were taken about 40 miles north of Tonopah and the others are of and around the RV Park. I put some captions on the park pics...the two that say "behind the park" are just looking different directions...


Robin Whiting said...

How far are you from Vegas?

Dave and Lori said...

From Tonopah we were about 210 miles... right now - we are in Vegas!