Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beautiful Sunset and Beautiful Day at Lake of the Springs

Yesterday we went out for a walk after dinner and witnessed a beautiful sunset. I took a number of photos and managed to catch a few good ones.

This morning we took Cheye down to the Pet Beach. When we got there Dave opened the gate, took Cheye off her leash and she took off running to the lake sending the geese flying. It was funny. She has decided that chasing geese is as fun as chasing seagulls. Later she ran through some mud, sinking up to her belly, to chase a goose. One of these days there will be a goose that will take after her!

Today the weather was beautiful and the air smelled so fresh after all the rain yesterday. We had a pleasant day, went for some walks, talked with the neighbors, watched a little NASCAR and have the football game on now. Nothing profound, just a very nice day.

Top: Cheye in swimming
After the post:
1. Last night’s sunset

2. The lake
3. The lake again
Video: more of the park and Cheye at the lake

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