Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Raining

It’s just after lunch, we went into town today for mail and took a little drive that included picking up chicken and macaroni salad. Once we got back to the trailer we added some fruit to the menu and had a big lunch. Now it is raining, Dave is stretched out on the couch looking at the inside of his eyelids, Cheye is snoozing and with the steady beat of the rain on the trailer and the wonderful smell of baking brownies I’m getting drowsy too. What a comfort day, full stomachs and all cozy-warm inside our trailer.

Later…Dave went outside and our neighbor Royal came over and introduced himself. Royal’s wife Pat and I joined in a bit later. We all sat under the awning and chatted for quite a while. It was pleasant enough outside but rained continuously. As a matter of fact it is still raining.

Even later, after dinner…. Still raining, but then there is nothing better for sleeping than the steady beating of the rain on the roof of the trailer.

Photo: taken on our drive today
Video: slide show of Lake of the Springs campgroun

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Anonymous said...

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