Friday, October 10, 2008

Never Assume

I really should have done laundry one more time while we were at Lake of the Springs. I had at least one load of dirty clothes but because it was $1.75 to wash a load I decided to wait and do it here at Ponderosa. I, of course, was assuming they had a laundry room here. Wrong. I had downloaded the PDF map of the Ponderosa, and if I would have looked I would have noticed there was no laundry listed. Now I may have thought they just didn’t list it, but I probably would have done the load just in case. Oops. So today we had to pack up the laundry and drive in to Placerville (about 10 miles) and go to a Laundromat. We would have had to do laundry while we were here anyway, but since we have another week here I imagine we will have to go again. So yet another lesson learned: not all Thousand Trails parks have laundry rooms!

Beside our trip to Placerville we had a quiet day. It was cool today and a bit breezy. Not cold, but I did wear a sweatshirt whenever we took Cheye for a walk. A lot of threatening clouds blew over, but no rain. Since it is a holiday weekend the park is really filling up tonight. Even though the weather isn't quite as nice I think it’s gonna be hoppin’ this weekend!

Tops: Dark clouds today
Bottom: The river
Video: slides from around the Ponderosa Campground


coal said...

Hello, really nice photos of the places you have been. Just curious what your using for power, I seen in one post, your battery bank. Could you elaborate on your power system

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Coal, Thanks and I hope I answered your question in my 10/11 post.