Thursday, October 9, 2008


This morning Dave suggested we pack up a picnic and take it down to the beach by the river. So we fixed a lunch, grabbed a couple books and the bag chairs and headed over to the beach. It was a really lovely way to spend a few hours today. It was sunny, warm and peaceful. We read and let Cheye go for a couple swims so we all had a nice time.

We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon driving down to Diamond Springs, CA. We’ve been wanting to get the pickup in for a check-up. We found a local diesel shop and decided to drive over to see if they would have an open appointment time and they do. So next Thursday we take the pickup in.

Tonight has been quiet. Dinner and watching a old movie on Cinemax. We are able to pickup the parks wi-fi here at the trailer so I had my internet browser open when I heard a “bing” noise, my friend Sandy saw me online and instant messaged me, so we chatted for a while. Kinda fun! The internet really does make the world a little smaller place doesn’t it.

Top: our chairs at the beach
Middle: the trailer
Bottom: the river
Video: what we sat and looked at this morning…. :o)

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