Monday, October 13, 2008

A Little Shopping

Today we decided to do a little shopping at both Costco and Walmart so we headed over to Roseville, California. Wow…what a huge shopping area. I think you could spend months trying to visit every store! We stocked up a bit and wandered a bit at Costco, they already have Christmas stuff out. After that it was grocery shopping at Walmart and then home. Oh, we did stop at a Subway for a sandwich too. I have to say, we got a bit carried away shopping this time…I just barely managed to get everything in the refrigerator and we had to store some canned stuff in the outside storage compartment. Oh well, we did get it all in!

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon away and now we're watching Monday Night Football.

Since there was so much to see at the Coloma Gold Rush Live I decided to put together another video with clips I took yesterday. Hope you enjoy it.

All taken yesterday at Colomo Gold Rush Live

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