Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Around Lake of the Springs

Since the campground’s store was open today we went over to check out what they had. A pretty good inventory, a little bit of groceries, clothes, RV supplies, puzzles, toys, etc. A little later I took Cheye out for a walk and found the pool area, the lake swimming area and another section of campsites. During the afternoon Dave worked on cleaning up the pickup and the outside of the trailer. I trimmed up Cheye a bit and finished my book.

While we were out another couple stopped and chatted. As usual we were picking their brains on the Thousand Trails parks. Very nice people, they don’t camp full-time but seem to have visited a number of the parks. They are avid hikers so they were telling us about places with great trails. That is one of the great things about talking to a number of people, different people like parks for different reasons.

After dinner we went for another walk and walked through another camping section we hadn’t seen. I know I said it before, but this is a pretty big park. Right now the park is fairly empty. We are in a section where there has only been a couple other trailers and they are down the way a bit. Today we got 2 new neighbors. It will be interesting to see if the park fills up a bit over the weekend.

Top: the lake
Middle: some interesting trees
Bottom: play area

Video: Around the campground

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