Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Relaxing Day

Gosh…did I say yesterday was total relaxation….what is one step beyond that? Well whatever it is, that was today! I had big plans of reorganizing and charging my ipod, cleaning up my hard drive, working on some video editing and maybe starting back up on my cross stitching. Well…I did get the ipod taken care of.

It was warm today, got up to 86 degrees. With a light breeze it was perfect. Even with the perfect weather the park is very quiet now. Some of the hook-up posts have been bagged off keeping people to certain sections. They have drained the pool and there are a lot more empty spaces than full. I’m interested in seeing how full the parks will be in Arizona and Southern California this winter.

Photo: A decorative antique in the park
Video: A slide show of Thousand Trails Ponderosa

Another Relaxing Day

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