Saturday, October 11, 2008

An Answer to a Question

I had a comment, rather a question, on yesterday’s post and thought I would answer in today’s post. The question came from Coal wondering about our power system…Coal saw the post that showed our battery bank and was curious. Since I know a few people that read my blog are not RV’ers I thought I’d take a minute and explain. Normally we plug in to the park’s external power and run off that, we have 30 amp service. However in an emergency or if we park somewhere there is no power hook-up the trailer is set up to run the lights and water pump off of batteries. We added to the one battery that came with the RV to run longer and we have a Honda generator to run anything that plugs in. The trailer also has propane for heat and cooking so we can handle not being hooked up to electricity for several days. The batteries are charged by being plugged in to electricity, but one of these days we’d like to get solar panels to charge the batteries. Hope that answers your question!

Today was windy but nice. We didn’t do much but go on a few walks, talk to a few of our neighbors and hang out at the trailer. On our early morning walk there was a guy out in the river with a small floating dredge, dredging for gold. Kinda interesting to watch.

On the video tonight Dave throws a rock out into the river trying to get Cheye to go out swimming. Cheye gets to the spot the rock went in and wanders a bit, sticking her head in the water trying to find the rock…she is such a funny dog.

Top: The moon over the campground
Bottom: Dave & Cheye watching the guy dredging gold

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