Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last Day at Lake of the Springs

Today is our last day here at Lake of the Springs. I know we will come back to this park, it is a definite favorite. We have had a fun time, great neighbors all in a beautiful park.

Dave started this morning by wiping down the pickup. He heard someone coming down the gravel road, looked up to say “hi” and there were 9 deer walking down the road including 3 bucks one a 5 or 6 point!

Around 9:00 a.m. we went to the coffee social and met some more nice people. They seem to have a fairly good turnout at the functions here. This time of year, when the park isn’t as full, that is pretty amazing. On our way back to the trailer we ran in to some of our neighbors and chatted quite a while, mostly about cruising which is a passion of ours.

The major part of our day was taken up by going in to the Post Office for mail plus cleaning and getting ready for our move tomorrow. We also took the trail that goes along the lake for a little ways. We saw an Otter and some White Egrets on our short hike. As you can tell we love seeing critters, so this was a nice way to end our stay here.

Top: Trail by the lake
Middle: Bumper boats
Bottom: The lake

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